Google Introduces Real-Time Scam Detection Feature on Android Phones Worldwide


Google has introduced a new feature on Android phones worldwide that uses AI technology to detect scams in real time. This feature, called Gemini Nano, was announced at Google’s annual developer conference. It aims to provide users with warnings about scam phone calls and help them avoid becoming victims of fraud. The company plans to make most of the announced AI-related updates available later this year, starting with Google’s Pixel devices.

Additionally, Google revealed that Gemini Nano will be used for other features in the future, allowing Android phones to understand context, including sights, sounds, and spoken language. This multimodal capability will be particularly beneficial for individuals with visual impairments. Another update mentioned is the expansion of Google’s Circle to Search feature, which will now cater to the needs of students, offering step-by-step instructions for problem-solving.

Furthermore, Google announced upgrades to its Gemini Pro 1.5 model, which enhances the chatbot’s ability to process large amounts of data. The Pro model will be available in 35 languages through a paid subscription called “Gemini Advanced.” Google’s AI updates were announced shortly after OpenAI unveiled its updated ChatGPT-4o, a large language model designed to handle text and audio in 50 languages. OpenAI aims to provide AI tools to the public either for free or at an affordable price.

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